Arkansas Cigarette Vending Surety Bond

This bond is required by the Arkansas Commission of Revenues Act 546 of 1977, as amended by Act 911 of 1979, as amended by Act 399 of 1983. The bond ensures that the Principal will faithfully perform the duties and obligations imposed upon him under said Acts. The bond amount varies from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the amount of vending machines in operation. The required bond amount varies and is dependent on how many machines are in operation:

(a) 1 to 30 machines, Bond Amount: $2,000
(b) 31 to 60 machines, Bond Amount: $3,000
(c) 61 to 90 machines, Bond Amount: $4,000
(d) 91 to 120 machines, Bond Amount: $5,000
(e) Over 120 machines, Bond Amount: $6,000

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