California Special Lines’ Broker Bond

What is the California Special Lines’ Broker Bond?

The California Special Lines Broker Bond is required by the California Department of Insurance. It  is in relation to the insurance industry and affects special lines brokers. This ensures that the broker will account for any person requesting them to obtain insurance as well as any moneys and premiums collected by them or California Special Lines’ Broker Bondtheir company. This does not pertain to life insurance. The required bond amount is $10,000. The bond serves as an assurance for the state that a broker will conduct their business with professionalism. Following all the rules and regulations of the state. It seeks to protect the public from any financial harm and losses due to fraud, deceit and any violation of the rules committed by the brokers, their employees, agents and any representatives. 

How do I obtain a California Special Lines’ Broker Bond?

Complete our easy to navigate online application. Within one business day,  one of our licensed agents will contact you with a no-obligation quote for your bond (the “premium”). Once you have completed  the necessary paperwork, and the premium payment is processed, your surety bond will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail (overnight shipping options also available).

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