Georgia Surety Bonds

Surety1 Brings Friendly Customer Service to “The Peach State”

Georgia Surety BondsSurety1 can write any bond that you require in the Peach State. We have access to over 20 markets due to our strong relationships with our business partners. We’d like to build the same kind of relationship with you. We guarantee that we will work hard to place your Georgia Surety Bond and give you unparalleled service.

How do I get a Georgia Surety Bond and how much does it cost?

While many surety bonds have similar requirements across the U.S., each state has special stipulations for many different bonds. There are also different rates applicable for each bond. Some surety bonds require a credit check in order to obtain bond approval. Don’t let a challenged credit history keep you from applying for a Georgia Surety Bond. Surety1 is the expert in placing many bonds where a credit check is needed, no matter what your situation.

What type of surety bonds do you offer in Georgia?

Surety1 places all types of Georgia Surety Bonds. We’ve got you covered for everything from a Georgia Surplus Lines Broker’s Bond to a Georgia Athlete Agent Bond. Surety1 is the leader in solutions for less common or difficult-to-place bonds. If you need a bond in other states, we can do that too. Choose from the list below for your Florida Surety Bond. If you don’t see the surety bond you need, please let us know and we’ll find a solution.

Performance Bonds

Performance and payment bonds are required for contractors who are completing jobs that are worth more than $100,000 in the State of Georgia. This is in compliance with the Georgia “Little Miller Act”. Surety1 can complete any performance and payment bond that is necessary for your project.

Apply now! Click on the link for your Georgia Surety Bond in the list below to fill out our application form and Surety1 will get back to you with a quote for your type of bond. Once you have been approved for your bond, please provide payment and your signed agreement. We’ll make sure your bond is accurate and delivered to you quickly.

  • Georgia Performance Bond for Water Well Contractors and Drillers
Surety1’s team of experts is pleased to place your Georgia Surety Bond. We hope you’ll keep us in mind for all your surety bond needs. Please email us at if you have any questions or if you would like more information about our services.