Idaho Private Trade Schools Bond

This bond is required by the State of Idaho Board of Education under Section 33-2406 Idaho Code. This bond ensures that all agreements made by the school with students shall be fully performed, and no student enrolled in courses will suffer as a result of any fraud or misrepresentation by the principal or solicitor. The bond amount varies based on student enrollment and tuition, and the school is required to notify their surety company if student enrollment changes the bond amount. The exact bond amount qualifications are as follows:
(a) Bond amount is $10,000 if total annual tuition received from any source is less than ten thousand dollars a year.
(b) Bond amount is $25,000 for those schools with less than fifty students
(c) Bond amount is $50,000 for those schools with less than ninety-nine students
(d) Bond amount is $100,000 for those schools with one hundred or more students
To determine the cost of this bond, simply complete our easy online application.

To Secure an Idaho Private Trade Schools Bond: 

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  2. One of our expert commercial surety agents will call and email you with the firm quote and an agreement to sign.
  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, then you will receive your bond!

** all bonds are subject to the underwriting terms and conditions of the issuing company.