Janitorial Surety Bond

Surety1 Lends Your Janitorial Business Additional Credibility

Surety1 understands that in the competitive janitorial market, you need every possible advantage to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Whether you are a small independent firm or a larger firm with many corporate accounts, your clients want to know that they are protected. A Janitorial Surety Bond shows your clients that you care.

What is a Janitorial Surety Bond and why do I need one?

Unlike many other surety bonds, a Janitorial Surety Bond isn’t required in order to obtain a license. It’s still worth it to invest in one, because it shows customers that you are proactive about their protection. Having a Janitorial Surety Bond communicates a concern for the security of your customers; it also helps you to alleviate any concerns that they might have. Take potential theft for example: if an individual commits a theft while on your client’s property, the surety company will pay out the claim immediately. You will have to pay the surety company back, but your customer is protected. The advantage of this is that you can show potential clients that you are willing to invest in a surety bond for added protection of their property.

Whether you operate a janitorial company, maintenance service or something of that nature such as housekeeping or carpet cleaning, a janitorial surety bond is a necessary marketing tool for a successful business.

How do I get a Janitorial Surety Bond and how much does it cost?

The fee for a Janitorial Surety Bond is reasonable at an average cost of $126 a year. Depending on the size of your business, you can choose a bond amount starting at $10,000 – for smaller companies of approximately five or fewer employees. For janitorial services with large corporate contracts, you should apply for a larger amount.

Apply now by filling out our simple form and Surety1 will work with you to obtain your Janitorial Surety Bond. We will follow up with a quick response including  a firm quote from one of our 18 partner organizations. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and you will receive your bond! We can even email your bond to you if you require accelerated service.

The team at Surety1 is looking forward to placing your Janitorial Surety Bond. Show your clients that you care as much as we do! Please email us at info@surety1.com if you have any questions about your bond or our services.