South Carolina Surety Bonds

Surety1 Serves the Great People of “The Palmetto State”

Surety1 has been in the bond market for years and can write any South Carolina Surety Bond you may need. We have spent years building relationships with our partners to help get you the best deal on the bond you require. We enjoy working with the businesses and residents of the Palmetto State. We hope that we can build these kinds of relationships with you too.

How do I get a South Carolina Surety Bond and how much does it cost?

While many bonds are similar to other bonds, they all have different sets of requirements that require a good understanding of surety bonds. Fees may differ from bond to bond and some bonds may be based off personal credit. However, we only require a soft credit check that doesn’t affect your credit score and we can still help you get bonded if you have poor credit. We have spent years gaining expertise and have helped many people with poor credit get bonded. We promise to get your bond written accurately as soon as possible and for the lowest fee.

What type of surety bonds do you offer in South Carolina?

At Surety1, we write every bond from the South Carolina Bingo Revenue Bond to the South Carolina Credit Counseling Organization Bond. We can even write bonds in more than one state! If you conduct business in multiple states, we have got you covered. Choose from the list below for your South Carolina Surety Bond. If you don’t see the surety bond you need, please let us know, and we’ll put our team to work to find you the right bond.

Performance Bonds

The South Carolina “Little Miller Act” requires that contractors secure a performance bond for construction projects valued at more than $50,000. Surety1’s experts can help you get any performance and payment bond you may need!

Apply now! Click on the link for your South Carolina Surety Bond in the list below to fill out our application form and Surety1 will get back to you with a quote for your type of bond. Once you have been approved for your bond, please provide payment and your signed agreement. We’ll make sure your bond is accurate and delivered to you quickly.

The team at Surety1 welcomes your business, and we look forward to placing your South Carolina Surety Bond. Please email us at if you have any questions or if you would like more information about our services.