Texas Real Estate School Bond

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What is a Texas Real Estate School Bond?

The Texas Real Estate School Bond is required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  The surety bond guarantees compliance with the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission pertaining to the accreditation along with faithful execution of the duties defined by and the terms Chapter 1101 of the Texas Occupations Code. The bond is issued for the benefit of a student who may be harmed by the failure of real estate school or its courses to meet the obligations to the student.

Additional RequirementsTexas Real Estate School Bond

In addition to the bond, applicants must also submit the following;

  • A completed Qualifying Education Provider Application
  • Maintain a fixed office in Texas or designate a resident of Texas to act as attorney-in fact.
  • They must also pay the required fee and submit all the needed documents including, financial statements, proposed budget, and a market survey. 

How do I obtain a Texas Real Estate School Bond?

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