About Surety1: Our History and Our Vision

Our Word Is Our Bond

Surety1 was founded with the goal of providing fast, economical and accurate service to clients in all 50 states. We represent over 18 different markets, so we can do the work and save you money and time.

We Exist Because of You

Surety1 (Surety Solutions Insurance Services Inc.) was founded in 2003 by John Page. John has built a strong reputation in the surety bond industry since he started his career in 1987. His experience revealed that people were most interested in working with a broker who had the expertise and connections to get them the best price and fast, reliable service. Surety1 was born as an independent insurance agency specializing in sourcing the best solutions for clients seeking bonds

Why Choose Surety1

Surety1 has earned a BBB® A+ Rating because of our dedication to customer service. Surety1 has been named one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s top 50 fastest growing companies since 2009. We’ve continued to grow our business since its inception because we’ve delivered on our promises. There are only a handful of companies in the United States offering these services, and we want to work with you. As an independent company, we understand the challenges of small business owners and entrepreneurs, and we’ll work just as hard as you do in your business to please a client. You are the expert in your business, and a smart business person knows that taking advantage of someone else’s expertise saves money and prevents unnecessary aggravation. We operate transparently, so if we make a mistake, we will rectify the situation and let you know if we need to take more time to place a difficult bond. Surety1 understands that many individuals prefer to conduct business in a digital environment because it is efficient, fast and easy. We continue to evolve our services in this area and ensure that all transactions are smooth and safe.

Our Company Ethos

Surety1 has continued to grow as a vibrant business across America because we believe in following a strict code of ethics and building strong relationships with the community. If something doesn’t sound or feel right to us, we take a second look.

  • We’re in the business of providing your bond in an efficient matter, so you can get back to your business. Our process and surety relationships ensure fast service at a great price.
  • We listen. One thing we’ve learned in this business is that people have a lot of questions. It isn’t every day someone purchases a surety bond, so we understand that you need accurate answers. This is our space and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge. Discussing surety bonds may not make exciting dinner conversation, but during the business day it’s what we love to do. If you have an unusual request, we want to hear about it.
  • Brokers build their reputations on honesty and the ability to build strong relationships. That starts internally. We have a great team at Surety1 and we’ve created lasting bonds with our vendors, the companies we are pleased to represent and our many customers across the nation.
If you would like to know more about Surety1 and the surety bond services we offer, please call our toll free line to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 1-877-654-2327 between 8am – 4:30pm PST or email us at info@surety1.com