Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonding Guide

State by State Surety Bond Requirements All 50 states requirement motor vehicle dealers to post a motor vehicle dealer bond. While some states only require the bond for the first 3 years of operation, most require a motor vehicle dealer to be continuously bonded. Below is a state by state motor vehicle dealer bonding guide. […]

Nevada Credit Services Bond

The Nevada division of mortgage lending requires a Nevada Credit Services Bond as part of the licensing process. Before advertising its services or conducting business in the state of Nevada, an organization must register with the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending and provide a bond in the amount of $100,000 with the Division. What does the Nevada Credit […]

indemnity agreements

Indemnity Agreements, Part 1: General Overview

While indemnity agreements are standard documents for getting a surety bond, not many people know what they do.  Indemnity agreements can be difficult to understand if one isn’t familiar with legal jargon. This blog post aims at adding clarity to what indemnity agreements are, who must sign it, and why they’re necessary.   What is a […]

court bonds

What are Court Bonds?

What are Court Bonds? The term court bond can encompass many different aspects pertaining to the court system including words, phrases and bonds.  Court bonds are a special kind of surety bond that judges may require during court proceedings.  Like all other kinds of surety bonds, court bonds guarantee something.  Court bonds generally guarantee that someone will do […]

New Surety Bond Needed for Idaho Appraisal Management Companies

New Surety Bond Needed for Idaho Appraisal Management Companies

What is an Appraisal Management Company? An appraisal management company is a company that mortgage lenders use to estimate the value of real estate when they are considering loaning to a home buyer.  Appraisal management companies are considered a non-bias third party in the valuation process and they work with lenders to help with the process […]


Opening an Import/Export Business, Explained

Opening your own import/export business can be easy and affordable.  This blog post is meant to explain how to open an import/export business and the role surety bonds and custom brokers can play in the process and execution that business.  Determine Which Import/Export Business Best Fits You There are three kinds of import/export businesses a person can choose to […]

CalTrans: Emergency Dead Tree Cutting Contracts

CalTrans: Emergency Dead Tree Cutting Contracts

The California Department of Transportation, otherwise known as CalTrans, has its fiscal years end on July 31st, whereas the rest of California has their fiscal year end on June 30th.  With the fiscal year coming to a close, CalTrans will be looking to spend any extra money in their budget.  One way they will look to use […]

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Getting your California Motor Vehicle Dealer License

How to Get a California Motor Vehicle Dealer License Getting a California Motor Vehicle Dealer License can seem like a difficult task, but this post should help those interested navigate the process.  This post will break down the licensing process into five steps to make the application process more manageable and help applicants prepare for it properly. What […]

A Brief History of Surety and Surety Bonds

A Brief History of Surety and Surety Bonds

The History of Surety and Surety Bonds Surety and its principals are not new concepts.  Even though many people are not familiar with surety bonds, suretyship has a deep and rich history.  This blog post will talk about the history of surety by highlighting the first appearances of suretyship, the first surety companies that emerged, legislation in the United […]

Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer

Getting your Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer License

Getting your Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer License can be a long and drawn out task.  With the help of this post, hopefully the application process can be less stressful. Which Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer License Do You Need? There are seven kinds of licenses for motor vehicle dealers in Arizona.  The kinds are: the new motor vehicle dealer […]