Surety1 Success Stories

We are successful because we consistently help clients achieve their goals

Surety1 believes that our clients should feel free to ask any questions and to have the last word. We want to hear your success stories, not only because it makes us feel good about what we do, but it helps us to continue a superior level of work. Surety1 knows that the best advertising is word of mouth. Clients who have the same needs as you appreciate your feedback, and so do we!

Please send us a note and let us know about your experience and how your business is doing. We celebrate the business successes of American companies, big and small.

“…did an amazing job and was extremely professional, friendly, and helpful. I would definitely recommend your company based on my experience…” Lisa G.

“…Very nice and worked hard on meeting the deadline that I required.” Brandon B., CA Process Server & Legal Document Assistant

“This was a very easy process. I had to call to get information on one of the questions and your staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I manage a customer service group so good service is important to me, and the service I received was exceptional.”Carla M.

“Thank you for your help!”Viviana P.

“Pleasure to work with, fast, friendly, and polite. Thank you!” Norma C., CA Motor Vehicle Dealer

“Surety1 processed my application and I could not have been more impressed with the warm friendly, understanding manner in which they dealt with our somewhat unique situation. They were empathetic, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. In addition, your bond quote was the lowest we received by a considerable margin…” Dee M., Motor Vehicle Dealer

“Despite a history of 35 successfully completed projects, my surety company dropped me without warning due to poor credit scores. Without bonding, my business potential was non-existent. I risked losing my house and my worries mounted. Taking to the internet, I dealt with a lot of condescending, unhelpful agents with ridiculous stipulations and applications. The situation seemed hopeless.

Ryan Tash, Vice-President at Surety 1, was unlike any of the other agents I had dealt with. He listened to my story, reviewed my application and within a few minutes of easy conversation was able to offer a solution. Within two days, Ryan got my company approved with an A-rated surety bond and within five days I had my payment and performance bonds. He did what he said he would do. There was no demand for collateral or need for stifling project accounting controls. And the surety he placed me with charged me a LOWER bond premium rate than the one I had been with for 11 years! He literally saved me and my company from total collapse.”

I will be forever grateful.

Gary Knesevitch
Danneko Construction

If you would like to know more about Surety1 and the surety bond services we offer, call our toll free line to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 1-877-654-2327 between 8am – 4:30pm PST or email us at