New York Security for Costs Bond

Click Here to Apply for Your Bond What is the purpose of a New York Security for Costs Bond? The New York Security for Costs Bond is a requirement in the State of New York Supreme Court. The bond ensures that the bondholder will pay (on demand to the Defendant) all legal costs which may […]

Texas Subscription Program Bond

Click Here to Apply for Your Bond What is a Texas Subscription Program Bond? The Texas Subscription Program Bond is required by the Texas Department of Health. The bond says that the bondholder shall create and operate a subscription program or in the event of the bondholder’s insolvency or cessation of business, if the bondholder […]

California Deferred Deposit Bond

What is the  purpose of a California Deferred Deposit Bond? The California Deferred Deposit Bond is required by the State of California, Department Business Oversight. The amount for the Deferred Deposit Bond is set at $25,000.  California Deferred Deposits Transactions Law (CDDTL) licensees must always have the Deferred Deposit Bond worth $25,000. The bond is […]

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonding Guide

State by State Surety Bond Requirements All 50 states requirement motor vehicle dealers to post a motor vehicle dealer bond. While some states only require the bond for the first 3 years of operation, most require a motor vehicle dealer to be continuously bonded. Below is a state by state motor vehicle dealer bonding guide. […]

indemnity agreements

Indemnity Agreements, Part 1: General Overview

While indemnity agreements are standard documents for getting a surety bond, not many people know what they do.  Indemnity agreements can be difficult to understand if one isn’t familiar with legal jargon. This blog post aims at adding clarity to what indemnity agreements are, who must sign it, and why they’re necessary.   What is a […]