Agricultural Product Dealer Surety Bond

Surety1: Helping You Feed America

At Surety1, we feel it is our duty to assure that farmers can continue the fine work they do feeding the people in this country and around the globe. Our mandate is to assist farmers and associated agricultural businesses to obtain the protection that they need through an Agricultural Product Dealer Surety Bond.

Why do I need an Agricultural Product Dealer surety bond?

If you buy, resell, negotiate or handle agricultural products such as hay, grain, livestock, fruits, vegetables or any of the natural bounty of America’s farms, you must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture and have an Agricultural Product Dealer surety bond. The United States Department of Agriculture and state agriculture regulatory agencies have legislation in place that protects the producers of agricultural products from loss and guarantees that payments are made to producers; this also protects the food chain, which is one of America’s most valuable resources, by ensuring that consumers have access to agricultural products.

What are the requirements and how much does an Agricultural Product Dealer surety bond cost?

We can’t give you a direct quote because regulations vary with each state. Surety1 has a team of experts in the field of agribusiness bonding– we have access to 18 markets, and we will work to get you the lowest fee and quickest approval.

How do I get an Agricultural Product Dealer surety bond?

Please complete our online application by clicking below. The process is fast and simple. One of our surety bond experts will provide you with a quote and get your approval back as quickly as possible. Sign and send your agreement back to us with your payment, and you’ll be able to continue the fine work you do collaborating with the growers and suppliers of our nation’s food.

Surety1 is pleased to provide you with the best service and prices on your Agricultural Product Dealer Surety Bond. Please email us at if you have any questions about your bond or our services.