California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond

In California, immigration consultants are not allowed to provide any legal advice when helping immigrants complete their forms. The California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond helps ensure that such advice is not given and that immigration consultants follow all rules and regulations pertaining to them.

To ensure full protect for immigrants, the bond amount for the California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond is set at $100,000.   However, this bond will not cost that much to obtain.  The premium on this bond (the amount the bond principal will pay) can be as low as $1,750 per year. Applicants with bad credit can still easily obtain this bond, but it may be more expensive.  Surety1 works with over a dozen markets to get our clients the lowest possible prices on their bonds, even if their credit is challenged.

To Acquire a California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond:

  1. Complete an online application.
  2. One of our expert commercial surety agents will call and email you with the firm quote and an agreement to sign.
  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, then you will receive your bond!

** all bonds are subject to the underwriting terms and conditions of the issuing company.