Encroachment Surety Bond

i-mapSurety1 is the leader in providing encroachment surety bonds. Contractors are required by municipal law to obtain this type of bond to protect public land in the event that damage occurs as a result of construction performed on private property.

If during the course of your construction project, you are found at fault for a claim placed on your bond, the surety company will cover the damages, and in turn, you will be responsible for the debt paid out by the insurer. If alteration or harm is caused to public land that abuts your project, it must be satisfactorily returned to its original condition.

It’s your duty to obtain an encroachment surety bond for construction projects located in the vicinity of public land, but it’s our mandate to help you get approved. Surety1 operates with a sense of urgency and an eye for accuracy for every bond we place.  We operate in all 50 states, and we’ll help you avoid the mire of red tape and delays.

Apply now! Surety1 is pleased to answer any questions about your Encroachment Surety Bond or any other type of bond, Please call our toll free line to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 1-877-654-2327 between 8am – 4:30pm PST or email us at info@surety1.com.