Grading Permit Surety Bond

Surety1 Makes the Grade When It Comes to Placing Surety Bonds!

i-constructMost municipalities have set requirements for grading permit surety bonds. Surety1 has made the application process easy so your project can get off the ground and work can continue unhindered by the worry that geological hazards or engineering problems will impact progress. Grading bonds are usually the responsibility of the property owner or owner/contractor who is also responsible for obtaining building permits. It is your duty to ensure that a contractor is in compliance with the regulations.

You will need a bond that is sufficient to cover the cost of the grading project, the construction of drainage or other work that affects the grading of your land.

In order to be approved for a grading permit surety bond, your project must be in compliance with all permit requirements set out by your municipality. The governmental agency in your city or town also sets the bond amount, and you must have a release from the municipality to cancel the bond. Bonds must be renewed on an annual basis until the work is finished.

Whether you are grading a single property or a subdivision of new homes, Surety1 will work with you to cut through the red tape and get your grading project off the ground. Please complete our easy application form today, or give us a call!

If you need a grading permit surety bond or any other type of bond, Please call Surety1 at our toll free line to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 1-877-654-2327 between 8am – 4:30pm PST or email us at